RDF API Scrapbook

Early SiRPAC API discussions

The W3C SiRPAC RDF system originally offered only a commandline / text interface. This was followed by a simple Java API for RDF parsers inspired in part by earlier work on Mozilla. Unlike the subsequent SiRPAC API discussions led by Sergey Melnik (SiRPAC now offers a much richer interface, through the incorporation of many ideas from GINF), the earlier SiRPAC design was discussed offlist. Some of those discussions are now reproduced here as background for ongoing RDF API discussions.

These directories contain snapshots of the (offlist) original SiRPAC API discussions, or at least half of them (I lost a sent-mail folder!). Made available with Janne's permission. I've run the msg files through mhonarc to HTMLise, although it seems to have gone wrong on a couple of them. Probably not worth fussing with further. I dug these out for personal reference and to have references for future design discussions.

SiRPAC design (messages excerpted from priviate mail)

An HTMLisation of one side of a conversation... This is a bit like publishing one's shopping list, don't go expecting anything too interesting.