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Last Modified: 2003-04-10, Libby Miller

The current focus of the RDF calendar work is on a syntactic conversion of iCalendar to RDF, and we recommend using the new RDF calendar schema (N3 version, test cases and examples) rather than older versions (e.g. the 'hybrid' version). The RDF calendar workspace links to fairly regular public IRC meetings on the topic, including logs, as well as testcases, converters and many other tools. Everything is announced to the www-rdf-calendar mailing list. There is a RdfCalendar wiki page on the ESW wiki.

Mailing List


www-rdf-calendar-request@w3.org with subject: subscribe/unsubscribe

Web archive

Scope: Use www-rdf-calendar for detailed technical discussion of systems, vocabulary and scenarios relating to the use of RDF and XML with calendaring and scheduling tools on the Web. Please try to avoid crossposts with the other RDF lists. The focus of the list is on practical implementation work (testbeds, prototypes, collaborative development), although theoretical work (eg. on representations for events, time-periods etc) in RDF, XML, DAML etc. is in scope.

Taskforce description

The RDF calendar taskforce is an informal grouping of individuals interested in calendaring and scheduling, primarily in RDF. Through scenario-lead discussion by email and irc, the taskforce will aim to draft an RDF schema for calendar events. It will also aim to demonstrate the use of RDF in a calendaring and scheduling context.

There is a great deal of work being done in the IETF in this area in particular in the IETF Calendaring and Scheduling (calsch) working group, The taskforce will monitor that work; this monitoring will result in a list of calendar resources on the taskforce's homepage.

The taskforce is open to anyone interested in RDF calendaring and scheduling.

Older Links

(see RDF calendar workspace for more recent links)

Convert RDF to iCalendar syntax - by Dan Connolly (python)


Draft report from SWAD-Europe Semantic Web Calendaring workshop, October 2002


Update (May 2002)


Semantic Web Events RSS+events feed





see also Jan Grant's calendaring and scheduling pages
Demos and code

'Hybrid' RDF calendar schema
by Michael Arick and Libby Miller. Caution! this is not finished

rfcIndexGrok.pl -- convert IETF RFC index to RDF
by Dan Connolly: new in version 1.5: outputs RDF/xml

Retsina Semantic Web Calendar Parser
Inputs and outputs RDF calendar from MS Outlook

SWWS calendar demo
by Libby Miller. Takes calendar data in RDF and converts it to an html view using Inkling and SquishQL.

XMLEurope calendar demo
by Libby Miller. Takes calendar data in RDF and converts it to an html view using Inkling and SquishQL.

Intellidimension's Semantic Web Base: Semantic web symposium data
by Geoff Chappell.

Demo from Dan Connolly's calendar data
by Geoff Chappell.

Dan Connolly's palm agent
For converting Palm datebook files to RDF.

minimal palm datebook to RDF script
by Libby Miller